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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.11215  8477302000 Injection Blow Molding Machines 注射吹塑机;

    No.4467  3911100000 Petroleum resins, coumarone, indene or coumarone-indene resins and polyterpenes 初级形状的石油树脂等;等指苯并呋喃树脂、茚树脂、苯并呋喃-茚树脂及多萜树脂

    No.1599  2005519100 Other red bean paste, prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid, not canned 非用醋制作的赤豆馅,罐头除外;



    No.10200  8409999990 Special parts for other engines (suitable for other engines listed in Heading No. 84.07 and 84.08) 其他发动机的专用零件;指品目8407或8408所列的其他发动机

    No.541  0307919090 Molluscs, live, fresh, chilled, not for cultivation 其他活、鲜、冷的软体动物;



    No.7169  5907002020 Painted canvas of combed wool or fine animal hair, which containing 50% or more, impregnated, coated or covered with other materials other than rubber, plastic, paste 其他材料浸涂精梳毛已绘制画布;用橡胶、塑料、浆料以外材料浸涂或包覆,精梳羊/动物细毛≥50%

    No.4477  3912390000 Other cellulose ethers, in primary forms 初级形状的其他纤维素醚;

    No.11227  8479102100 Machines for spreading bituminous concrete 沥青混凝土摊铺机;


    No.8518  6211499020 Other women’s or girls’ overalls and similar articles of other textile materials 其他纺织材料制女连衣裤;含类似品

    No.8975  6810110000 Building blocks and bricks of articles of cement(including articles of concrete or of artificial stone, whether or not reinforced) 水泥制建筑用砖及石砌块;包括混凝土或人造石制,不论是否加强

    No.2384  2846901700 Praseodymium oxide (sesquioxide) 氧化镨;



    No.1044  0909629010 Seeds of fennel, juniper berries, crushed or ground 已磨的小茴香子;已磨的杜松果;



    No.10202  8410120000 Hydraulic turbines, water wheels , of a power exceeding 1000kW but not exceeding10000kw 功率1千kw-1万kw的水轮机及水轮;指超过1000kw,但不超过10000kw的

    No.7039  5806310000 Narrow woven fabrics of cotton, not specified or included, other than goods of heading.No.58.07 棉制未列名狭幅机织物;品目5807的货品除外

    No.2309  2840300000 Peroxoborates(perborates) 过硼酸盐;

    No.2282  2836920000 Strontium carbonate 锶的碳酸盐;

    No.12425  8803200000 Under-carriages and parts thereof heading No.88.02 飞机用起落架及其零件;指品目8802所列货品用的

    No.11358  8486304900 Other apparatus for wet etching, developing, stripping or cleaning for the manufacture of flat panel displays 其他制造平板显示器用湿法蚀刻、显影、剥离、清洗装置;

    No.12439  8901202100 Crude oil tankers, Loading not exceeding 150000t 载重量不超过15万吨的原油船;


    No.8750  6304912931 Other non-hand-worked knitted furnishing articles, containing 85% or more by weight of silk 丝制非手工针织的其他装饰制品;含丝85%及以上

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