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Import Supervision of China  
Customs Supervision Documentations CIQ Supervision of Inspection Quarantine
• Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
• Documentation's Issuing authorities, legal basis, application dossiers, procedure, cost, time and guide etc.
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.10657  8430502000 Mining power shovels 矿用电铲;

    No.938  0807110000 Watermelons, fresh 鲜西瓜;



    No.2124  2812104900 Other chlorides of non-metals 其他非金属氯化物;

    No.7197  6001910000 Terry fabrics of cotton,knitted or crocheted 棉制针织或钩编起绒织物;

    No.8553  6214100010 Shawls, scarves, mufflers of silk, containing 70% or more by weight of silk or spun silk , including mantillas,veils and the like 含丝70%及以上的披巾、头巾、围巾;包括披纱、面纱等及类似品

    No.11600  8516713000 Pump espresso makers 泵压式咖啡机;



    No.9485  7228400000 Other bars and rods, of other alloy steel, not further worked than forged 其他合金钢锻造条、杆;除锻造外未经进一步加工的



    No.5567  5106200000 Yarn of carded wool, not put up for retail sale, containing less than 85% by weight of wool 非零售用粗梳混纺羊毛纱线;混纺以羊毛纱线为主,但羊毛含量<85%

    No.7911  6201190021 Men’s or boys’ overcoats, cloaks and similar articles of other textile materials(including car-coats, capes, containing 70% or more by weight of silk) 其他材料制男大衣、斗篷及类似品;含短大衣、斗篷、短斗篷,含丝70%及以上

    No.5592  5111191900 Woven fabrics of other carded animal hair weighing more than 300 g/m2, containing 85% or more by weight of other animal hair 每平米重>300克其他动物细毛机织物;按重量计其他粗梳动物细毛含量≥85%

    No.8545  6212909039 Braces, suspenders and garters, of silk, containing less than 70% by weight of silk, whether or not knitted or crocheted 丝制吊裤带、吊袜带、束袜带等;不论是否针织或钩编,含丝70%以下

    No.7917  6201910010 Men’s or boys’ tops, without sleeves, padded, of wool or fine animal hair 毛制男式有填料无袖上衣;羊毛或动物细毛制

    No.4255  3806900090 Other rosin and resin acids, and derivatives thereof (including rosin spirit and rosin oils; run gums) 其他松香及树脂酸衍生物;包括松香精及松香油;再熔胶

    No.3987  3206491100 Pigmenlts and preparations based on pucherite 以钒酸铋为基本成分的颜料及制品;

    No.11753  8526109001 Airborne radars (including meteorological radars, terrain following radars and air traffic control response system) 飞机机载雷达;包括气象雷达,地形雷达和空中交通管制应答系统

    No.2343  2842909090 Other salts of inorganic acids or peroxoacids(other than azides) 其他无机酸盐及过氧酸盐;迭氮化物除外



    No.5435  4823901000 Floor coverings on a base of paper or of paperboard 其他以纸或纸板为底制成的铺地制品;

    No.5295  4706200000 pulps of fibres derived from recovered(waste and scrap)paper or paperboard 从回收纸或纸板提取的纤维浆;

    No.7821  6114300011 Overall, of man-made fibres, knitted or crocheted, containing 23% or more by weight of wool or fine animal hair 化纤制针织或钩编连身衣;含羊/动物细毛23%及以上

    No.7091  5902102000 Tyre cord fabric of polyamide-6,6(nylon-6,6) 聚酰胺-6,6(尼龙-6,6)制的帘子布;

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