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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.2868  2918199030 γ-hydroxybutyric acid and its salts γ-羟基丁酸及其盐;


    No.10310  8413810090 Other liquid pumps for non-agricultural use 其他非农用液体泵;

    No.7036  5806109030 Narrow woven pile fabrics(including terry towelling and similar terry fabris)and chenille fabrics of man-made fibres (other than goods of heading.No.58.07) 化纤制狭幅起绒织物及绳绒织物;包括狭幅毛巾织物及类似毛圈织物,品目5807的货品除外

    No.12263  8708309300 Brakes and parts there Of the vehicles of subheadings No. 8704.1030 and 8704.1090 (including servo-brakes and parts thereof) 非公路自卸车用制动器及其零件;包括助力制动器及其零件


    No.7023  5804300090 Other hand-made lace, in pieces, in strips or in motifs, of other textile materials, other than fabrics of headings No. 60.02 其他纺织材料制手工制其他花边;成卷成条或成小块图案的,但品目6002的织物除外

    No.13145  9608600000 Refills for ball point pens, comprising the ball point and ink-reservoir 圆珠笔芯;指由圆珠笔头和墨芯构成

    No.4829  4202990000 Other containers with outer surface of vulcanized fibre or of paperboard. 以钢纸或纸板作面的其他容器;

    No.2850  2917361100 PTA(Purified terephthalic acid) 精对苯二甲酸;白色针状结晶或粉末,密度1.510,主要技术指标为4-羧基苯甲醛(4-CBA)≤25PPM

    No.3452  2933910015 Fludiazepam(INN), flunitrazepam(INN), flurazepam(INN)(and their salts) 哈拉西泮,劳拉西泮,氯甲西泮;以及它们的盐


    No.11084  8465100000 Machines which can carry out different types of machining operations without tool change between such operations (for working wood, cork, bone, hard rubber, hard plastics or similar hard materials) 不需变换工具即可进行加工的机床;加工木材,软木,骨,硬质橡胶,硬质塑料及其他硬质材料

    No.11083  8464909000 Other machine-tools for working mineral materials 其他加工矿物等材料的机床;

    No.2847  2917341090 Other dibutyl phthalate 其他邻苯二甲酸二丁酯;

    No.3462  2933990015 Diclobutrazol, penconazole, flutriafol etc.(including bitertanol, myclobutanil, cyproconazole, dinicona- zole, tebuconazole, flusilazole) 苄氯三唑醇,戊菌唑,粉唑醇等;包括联苯三唑醇,腈菌唑,环丙唑醇,烯唑醇,戊唑醇,氟硅唑


    No.1971  2703000010 Peat (peat moss), formed by dried or rotten plant in swamp and wetland , whether dry or wet 泥炭(草炭);沼泽(湿地)中,地上植物枯死、腐烂堆积而成的有机矿体(不论干湿)



    No.1974  2704009000 Retort carbon 甑炭;

    No.12342  8708994900 Other parts and accessories of the vehicles of subheadings No.8704.2100, 8704.2230, 8704.3100 and 8704.3230 中小型货车用其他零附件;车轮及其零附件除外,指总重量<14吨的货运车辆


    No.9132  7019190090 Other glass fibres(including chopped fiber of a length exceeding 50mm) 其他玻璃纤维;含长度超过50mm的短切纤维

    No.68  0106201100 Crocodiles for cultivation, pure-bred breeding (including domesticated and artificially propagated) 改良种用鳄鱼苗;包括人工驯养、繁殖的



    No.3852  3004390026 Single preparation containing corticotrophins, in measured doses, packings for retail sale 已配剂量含促皮质素类等肽类激素的单方制剂;包括零售包装,以及已配剂量或零售包装的艾瑞莫瑞林、阿那瑞林、布舍瑞林、可的瑞林、海沙瑞林、伊莫瑞林、舍莫瑞林、替莫瑞林、戈那瑞林、葛瑞林(脑肠肽)及其模拟物类的单方制剂


    No.8338  6207999099 Other men’s or boys’ bathrobes, dressing gowns and similar articles, of other textile materials 其他材料制男睡衣、浴衣、晨衣;含类似品



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