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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.12915  9205909090 Other wind musical instruments, other than fairground organs and mechanical street organs: 其他管乐器;但游艺场风琴及手摇风琴除外

    No.7950  6202110010 Women’s or girls’ raincoats of wool or fine animal hair 毛制女式雨衣;羊毛或动物细毛制

    No.10727  8437800000 Other machinery used in the milling industry(including machinery for the working of cereals or dried leguminous vegetables, other than farm-type machinery 谷物磨粉业加工机器;包括谷物、干豆加工机器,但农业用机器除外



    No.6303  5407101000 Woven fabrics of high tenacity yarn of nylon or other polyamides 高强力纱纺制机织物;由尼龙或其他聚酰胺高强力纱纺制的



    No.4383  3825610000 Mainly containing organic constituents 主要含有有机成分的化工废物;其他化学工业及相关工业的废物


    No.5239  4421902190 Round picks and sticks, sticks for ice-sucker, spatulas and similar one time articles, of other wood 一次性其他木制圆签,圆棒,冰果棒,压舌片;包括类似的一次性制品



    No.12385  8714100001 Star-shaped wheel and Disc brakes of motorcycles (including moped) 星型轮及碟刹件;


    No.2811  2916209024 Tefluthrin, transfluthrin, fenfluthrin 七氟菊酯、四氟苯菊酯、五氟苯菊酯、七氟甲醚菊酯;包括甲氧苄氟菊酯、氯氟醚菊酯


    No.4569  3925100000 -Reservoirs, tanks, vats and similar containers, of a capacity exceeding 300L 塑料制囤,柜,罐,桶及类似容器;容积超过300升

    No.9761  7419999900 Other articles of copper , not for technical use 非工业用其他铜制品;

    No.9491  7229200000 Wire of silicon-manganese steel 硅锰钢丝;

    No.1337  1401200010 Endangered rattans 濒危藤;



    No.4667  4011920000 of a kind used on agricultural or forestry vehicles and machines 其他新的充气橡胶轮胎;新充气橡胶轮胎,非人字形胎面,农林车辆机械用

    No.13054  9504901000 Other video games 其他电子游戏机;


    No.2033  2713129000 Other petroleum coke, calcined 其他已煅烧石油焦;

    No.10610  8428391000 Other continuous-action elevators and conveyors , chain type 其他链式连续运送货升降、输送机;

    No.12972  9401809010 Seats, of other endangered wood 其他濒危木制坐具;


    No.7680  6110300024 Women’s or girls’ jerseys, pullovers,of man-made fibres, piled, knitted 化纤制针织起绒女紧身及套头毛衫;

    No.10611  8428392000 Continuous-action elevators and conveyors of roller type 辊式连续运送货升降、输送机;

    No.2729  2914391000 Acetophenone 苯乙酮;

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