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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.1948  2620190000 Other 其他主要含锌的矿渣、矿灰及残渣;冶炼钢铁所产生灰、渣的除外



    No.6256  5402480000 Other single yarn of polypropylenev, untwisted or with a twist not exceeding 50 turns/m, not put up for retail sale 其他聚丙烯单纱;非供零售用,未加捻或捻度每米不超过50转

    No.3112  2924299019 fenoxycarb 苯氧威;


    No.8178  6204391090 Other women’s or girls’ jackets and blazers of silk, containing less than 70% by weight of silk or spun silk 丝制其他女式上衣;含丝及绢丝70%以下

    No.6266  5402592000 Filament single yarn of polyethylene(the rupture strength is bigger than or equal to 22cN/dtex, and the initial modulus is bigger than or equal to 750cN/dtex, with a twist exceeding 50 turns/m, not put up for retail sale) 聚乙烯长丝纱线(单纱);断裂强度≥22cN/dtex,且初始模量≥ 750cN/dtex,非供零售用,捻度每米超过50转,缝纫线除外

    No.6248  5402441000 Elastomeric of polyurethane, single, untwisted or with a twist not exceeding 50 turns per metre, not put up for retail sale 氨纶弹性单纱;未加捻或捻度每米不超过50转,非供零售用

    No.6246  5402340000 Texured yarn of polypropylene, not put up for retail sale 聚丙烯长丝变形纱线;非供零售用

    No.4637  4009210000 Tubes, pipes and hoses, of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber, reinforced or otherwise combined only with metal , Without fittings 加强或只与金属合制的硫化橡胶管;不带附件、硬质橡胶除外

    No.8944  6802929000 Other worked calcareous stone and articles thereof 其他已加工石灰石及制品;

    No.10420  8418301000 Freezers of the chest type , not exceeding 800L capacity , of a refrigerating temperature of -40℃ or of lower 制冷温度≤-40℃的柜式冷冻箱;客积不超过800升



    No.4635  4009110000 Tubes, pipes and hoses, of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber, not reinforced or otherwise combined with other materials, without fittings 未加强或其他材料合制硫化橡胶管;不带附件、硬质橡胶除外

    No.6283  5403331010 Single yarn of cellulose diacetate, single filament /multi-filament single yarn, not twisted or with a twist of less than 5 turns per meter, not for retail sale, including textured filament yarn 非零售二醋酸纤维单纱;单丝/未捻或捻度每米5转以下的复丝单纱,包括变形纱线



    No.2666  2908991010 4- Nitrophenol(p-nitrophenol) 4-硝基苯酚;对硝基苯酚


    No.10411  8418101000 Combined refrigerator-freezers , fitted with separate external doors , of a capacity exceeding 500L 容积>500升冷藏-冷冻组合机;各自装有单独外门的


    No.10339  8414593000 Centrifugal ventilation fans 其他离心通风机;

    No.11207  8476890000 Other automatic goods-vending machines not incorporating heating or refrigerating devices (including money-changing machines) 无加热或制冷装置的自动售货机;包括钱币兑换机

    No.925  0804502001 Mangoes, fresh 鲜芒果;



    No.6893  5603119000 Other nonwovens of man-made filaments, weighing not more than 25g/㎡ 其他化学纤维长丝制无纺织物;每平米重不超过25克

    No.4688  4014900000 Other hygienic or pharmaceutical articles(including teats), of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber, with or without fittings of hard rubber 硫化橡胶制其他卫生及医疗用品;包括奶嘴,不论有无硬质橡胶配件,硬化橡胶的除外



    No.3173  2928000032 Monolinuron, metobromuron, linuron, chlorbromuron 绿谷隆、溴谷隆、利谷隆、氯溴隆;


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