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    • Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.744  0703901000 Leeks, fresh or chilled 鲜或冷藏的韭葱;



    No.3878  3004905510 Cow-bezoar bolus for resurrection containing natural musk (put up in measured doses, packing for retail sale) 含天然麝香的安宫牛黄丸;已配定剂量或零售包装


    No.12534  9005909000 Parts and accessories (including mountings) of Other telescopes 其他望远镜零件、附件;包括座架

    No.6256  5402480000 Other single yarn of polypropylenev, untwisted or with a twist not exceeding 50 turns/m, not put up for retail sale 其他聚丙烯单纱;非供零售用,未加捻或捻度每米不超过50转

    No.6248  5402441000 Elastomeric of polyurethane, single, untwisted or with a twist not exceeding 50 turns per metre, not put up for retail sale 氨纶弹性单纱;未加捻或捻度每米不超过50转,非供零售用

    No.2735  2914400010 Sodium diphacinone 敌鼠钠;


    No.2732  2914399013 Diphacinone 敌鼠;


    No.11406  8502132000 Generating sets with compression-ignition internal combustion piston engines (diesel or semi-diesel engines), Of an output exceeding 2MVA 输出功率>2MVA柴油发电机组;包括半柴油发电机组


    No.205  0210190010 Other meat of Babyrousa, Porcula Salvania, salted, in brine, dried or smoked 干、熏、盐制的鹿豚、姬猪其他肉;



    No.10583  8426193000 Gantry cranes 龙门式起重机;

    No.2404  2846903400 Neodymium fluoride 氟化钕;



    No.13154  9610000000 Slates and boards, with writing or drawing surfaces, whether or not framed 具有书写或绘画面的石板、黑板;包括类似板,不论是否镶框

    No.2033  2713129000 Other petroleum coke, calcined 其他已煅烧石油焦;

    No.13157  9612100000 Typewriter or similar Inked ribbons ( or otherwise prepared for giving impressions, whether or not on spools or in cartridges) 打字机色带或类似色带;已上油或经其他方法处理能着色的,不论是否装轴或装盒

    No.3696  2941301100 Tetracyclines 四环素;


    No.4733  4103300010 Raw hides and skins of Baby rousa, Porcula salvania 生鹿豚、姬猪皮;



    No.13142  9608309000 Other pens 其他钢笔;包括铁笔型自来水笔

    No.13138  9608100000 Ball point pens 圆珠笔;

    No.2188  2825904900 Other niobium oxides and hydroxides 其他铌的氧化物及氢氧化物;



    No.2204  2826909010 Potassium fluotantalate 氟钽酸钾;

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