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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.8605  6217900022 Parts of shirts, of cotton, not knitted or crocheted 棉制非针织非钩编衬衫的零件;

    No.7038  5806200000 Narrow woven fabrics, containing 5% or more by weight of elastomeric yarn or rubber thread, other than goods of heading.No.58.07 含弹性纱线≥5%狭幅织物;包括含橡胶线,品目5807的货品除外

    No.3021  2922194000 Methyldiethanolamine 甲基二乙醇胺;


    No.3138  2925290014 Iminoctadine, Dodine, minoctadine triacetate etc.(including iminoctadine) 双胍辛胺、多果啶、双胍辛胺乙酸盐等;包括双胍三辛烷基苯磺酸盐


    No.1227  1211902400 Rhubarb, fresh or dried, whether or not cut, crushed or powdered 鲜或干的大黄、籽黄;不论是否切割,压碎或研磨成粉



    No.6544  5512210030 Woven fabrics for printing and dyeing, of acrylic or modacrylic staple fibres, containing 85% or more by weight of acrylic or modacrylic staple fibres, unbleached or bleached 未漂白或漂白腈纶短纤机织印染用布;纯腈纶布指按重量计腈纶短纤含量在85%及以上

    No.2438  2850009010 Arsenic hydride Arsine(Arsenic hydride, Arsenic trihydride, Arsine) 砷化氢;砷烷,砷化三氢,胂


    No.8980  6810991000 Railway sleepers of concrete 铁道用水泥枕;

    No.10610  8428391000 Other continuous-action elevators and conveyors , chain type 其他链式连续运送货升降、输送机;

    No.8988  6811891000 Tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings, without asbestos 不含石棉的管子及管子附件;

    No.2110  2811210000 Carbon dioxide 二氧化碳;



    No.11288  8481400000 Safety or relief valves (used for pipes, boilers, tanks, barrels or similar goods) 安全阀或溢流阀;用于管道、锅炉、罐、桶或类似品的

    No.1232  1211902900 Poria, fresh or dried, whether or not cut, crushed or powdered 鲜或干的茯苓;不论是否切割,压碎或研磨成粉



    No.2094  2807000010 Sulphuric acid 硫酸;


    No.8228  6204630099 Other women’s or girls’ trousers and short of synthetic fibres 其他合纤制女式短裤;

    No.5386  4811511000 Paper coated on both sides with plastics for colour photography, bleached, weighting more than 150g/㎡ 漂白的彩色相纸用双面涂塑厚纸;每平方米重量超过150克,成卷或成张的

    No.6240  5402321200 Elastic filament of nylon-6, 6, measuring per single yam not more than 50 tex, not put up for retail sale 聚酰胺-6,6纺制的弹力丝;指每根单纱细度超过50特, 尼龙-66,非供零售用

    No.925  0804502001 Mangoes, fresh 鲜芒果;



    No.9785  7508909000 Other articles of nickel, not for technical use 其他非工业用镍制品;镍丝布、网及格栅除外

    No.10077  8215200000 Other sets of assorted articles , similar kitchen or tableware , not containing one article plated with precious metal 成套的其他厨房或餐桌用具;成套货品,没有一件是镀贵金属的



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