China Customs Statistics and Export-Import Data

• Based on China Customs statistics of import, For overseas manufacturers, exporters, financial Institutions, Logistics Companies, Market Research Agencies etc., Can easly learn the info about import value, average price, purchasing habits & cycles, trade trends etc. for such HS code products in China market; Get the list of active buyers, competitors & potential customers in China;


Chinese Market

By using China Customs statistics data, you can easy analyze the monthly, quarterly, and annual import volume and price trends of specific HS-code products in the Chinese market, helping you to fully understand the Chinese market and formulate strategies for exporting to the China.


Your Opponents

China Customs Export-Import Statistics Data, It’s available to monitor of your peers’ dynamics, accurately analyze their Export-Import amount, quantity, and average price, track their latest shipments, and timely adjust the sales strategies of your products in china..


Find out
Your Buyers

With China Customs Export-Import Statistics Data, You can easy know who are the biggest importers or exporters of your kind products in china , and what they trade and understand their business strategies to be ahead in the market, then you can looking for Chinese partner from them.

China Customs Basic Statistics

China Customs Basic Statistical Data contains limited but important information on china market, which is helpful for having primary research on a commodity and country.
  • Data Fields: HS Code, HS description, value, quantity, Country of Destination/Origin, Port of Receipt/Departure,Transport Mode, Port Customs etc.
  • Data Source: Chinese Customs,
  • Subscription: Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Annually
  • Data Price: Starting From $50 USD. γ€€
  • Year2018Month Juneγ€€
    HS Code 31255000 HS Description γ€€
    UnitKGγ€€ Unit Price$20
    Quantity14560 CIF Value $4,567,000
    Country of Destination China Country of Origin USA
    Year 2018 Month June
    HS Code γ€€ HS Description γ€€
    Unitγ€€ Unit Price γ€€
    Quantityγ€€ CIF Value (USD) γ€€
    Country of Destination γ€€ Country of Origin γ€€
    Port of Receipt γ€€ Port of Departure γ€€
    Transport Mode γ€€Trade Mode γ€€
    Importer / Exporter Name γ€€ Company Code γ€€
    Adress & Zip γ€€ Company type γ€€
    Tel γ€€Fax γ€€
    E-mail γ€€ Contact Person γ€€
    Port Customs γ€€ Domestic Destination / Source γ€€
    Goods Description γ€€ Brand / Labelγ€€
    China Import & Export Trade Data

    China Customs Import & Export Trade Data contains important information about importer, which is helpful for in-depth market analysis of China Market, and you can find out active buyers, competitors & potential customers in China.

  • Data Fields: HS Code, Product Description, value, quantity, price, Importer & Exporter detail info, import date, place of receipt/dispatch, country of origin or destination, customs port, trade & shipping mode, etc.
  • Data Source: Chinese Customs, Port Authorities,Logistics Companies, Trade Associations and Government Bodies, Shipping Bills, Import Bills, Invoices etc.
  • Subscription: Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Annually
  • Data Price: Starting From $100 USD.
  • Global Customs Statistics Data

    We also provide Global Customs Statistics Data of 30+ countries, including – USA , South Korea, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Brazil, Mexico, and many more.
    The data is collected from Customs of various countries, covered with Company Names. It is useful for in-depth market analysis of those countries.