HS code: 1002900000

Other rye


China HS Code Classification China Tariff & Tax China Customs Declaration Landed Cost Calculation

General Trade Import Landed Cost Calculator

  • Step 1. Confirm the HS code and Goods name:
  • China Tariff and Tax on HS code: 1002900000
    Article English Name Other rye
    Article Chinese Name 其他黑麦;
  • Step 2. Choose Applicable Tariff and Tax:
  • Import Tariff & Tax Item Rate Applicable Rate Applicable Country
    General Duty 8.0% Non-MFN
    MFN Duty 3.0% Most-favored Nation
    MFN Interim Import Duty or  . Annul Interim Duty for MFN
    FTA Conventional Duty 00%~3.0% FTA Conventional Duty Search
    LDCs Preferential Tariff 0.0% Low Developed Country
    Import Consumption Tax  0.0% All Countries
    Import VAT 9.0% All Countries
     China retaliatory tariff on USA 5.0% China retaliatory tariff against the United States enforced on Sep. 2018, because of the trade conflict with the Trump administration.5%(自2020年2月14日13时01分起调整对原产于美国的部分进口商品加征关税由10%调整为5%)
    Note: If such countries are classified to multi-tariff class, then the lowest import duty rate is suitable.
  • Step 3.Input Country of Origin, Applicable Duty Rate and Goods CIF Value (USD):
  •  Country of Origin:

    Duty Rate is depend on Country of Origin;auto default from USA export to China
    Applicable Duty Rate: Auto Default Most-favored Nation (MFN) Duty, you can input Applicable Duty Rate manually; For example, if Duty rate is 5.5%, you need input 0.055
    Goods CIF Value: USD CIF Value is the China Customs Benchmark tariffing value of your imported goods , Include cost of Freight and insurance; Auto default $100.00, You can input your actually CIF value manually for Landed Cost calclation.
  • Step 4. Goods Import to China Tariff and Taxes Calculation Result (USD):
  • Tariff & Tax Item Rates Tariff Amount (USD) Tariff Calculating Formula
    Import Duty 3.00% $ 3.00 Custom Duty=CIF * Import Duty Rate%; Auto Default Most-favored Nation (MFN) Duty,
    Consumption Tax  0.00% $ 0.00 Consumption Tax= [(CIF + Customs Duty) /(1-Consumption Tax Rat%)] * Consumption Tax Rate%
    Import VAT 9.00% $ 9.27 VAT=(CIF+Duty+Consumption Tax) * VAT Rate%
    Total Tariff 12.27% $ 12.27 This is total Tariff that need to be paid to china customs, but not include the CIQ inspection & quarantine charge and Port Dock cost.

    PDF report output
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